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San Antonio- Half Day Road Trip Stop

Road trips are one of our absolute favorite things to do, ESPECIALLY with our kids! Call us crazy, but its so incredible seeing their faces when we break into new landscapes or learn new things that didn't know beforehand.

Also, food. Different parts of the country equal different cultures equal different food. I'm no math whiz, but that adds up to me!

So, when we made it to San Antonio on our road trip from Gulfport, Mississippi to Tucson, AZ, we were AMAZED at the awesome ways we were able to experience the beautiful Mexican culture! Because it was one of our stop-overs, we only were able to spend half of a day, but its DEFINITELY on our list of places to return to via Cultivated Grace (what's that?.)

Because we were on a MUCH-needed vacation, we splurged a bit where we normally wouldn't and stayed the night at Hyatt Place San Antonio- Riverwalk. Our view from the balcony over the riverwalk was incredible and we were walking distance to everything!

We followed the advice of pretty much everyone on Pinterest and grabbed breakfast/lunch at La Panaderia. I wasn't even thinking about photos, we were so hungry. BUT- we grabbed a lot of food and pastries to take on the day's trip with us and I'm so glad we did!

Here's a list of what we LOVED:

  1. Their soups!!! Fideo soup is now my favorite thing ever. And their black bean soup was delicious!

  2. Pineapple. Empenada. 'Nuff Said.

  3. Tres Leches Croissant- filled with cream and strawberries!

After brunch, we headed to El Mercado, which was hands-down our favorite part of San A!

In Historic Market Square are two buildings and a huge courtyard filled with traditional Mexican goods (and some of the best churros and lemonade ever!). We purchased the most beautiful dresses from a lovely woman who handmakes them.

And Adeline may or may not have ridden a mechanical bull made specifically for kids. After watching the man operating the bull's movements for a moment, it was clear he had a talent for reading each individual child and he matched their energy in their bull ride. For the more timid, he went a bit slower. For those who were more excited or competitive, he gave it slightly more juice, but never made it scary or too fast. For five bucks, it was a MUST-DO.

Last, we walked down the Riverwalk to The Alamo, which offers FREE entry to the Church if you schedule one of their half-hourly entry times. We walked around the courtyard and read the plaques and learned so much. It is truly such a beautiful place and a great way to teach these little homeschoolers the history of the Battle of The Alamo!

We are clearly photo pros- with one not looking and one not interested in letting us see her face, either. We figured we had documented proof we were there and we know who they are. HA!

We had so much fun on our stop-over at San Antonio and cannot wait to return for an extended stay!

What are YOUR favorite things to do in San Antonio?

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