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Where we’re headed (And a peak at the camper!)

We are down to the final days of preparing before we launch on our next great Adventure!

Here is our timeline for what we are currently planning:

Tonight will be our first night in our camper as we have moved out all the items we NEED and will be cleaning out the house and preparing it to sell!

We are staying at a beautiful campground in Biloxi (which we will review for y’all after we leave!) until we head out next week.

Our official “get the heck out of dodge!” date is next Thursday, July 22 and we will be headed to the Dallas, TX area for Southwest Believer’s Convention 2021 and to minister to those in the DFW area, then on to Colorado Springs, CO for a Healing Conference with Andrew Wommack and to minister to others in the Colorado Springs area.

We will be back in Mississippi for the month of September as Cate has births to attend (Yay, babies!).

Since we’ve gotten our camper put together, we thought we would give you guys a peak at our new home for the next few years.

HERE IT IS!!!!!!

We are so excited about where this is going.

We’d love your prayers of support as always and if you feel that God has laid it on your heart to support this ministry financially, you can do that by clicking here

If you’d like us to come to your area/church and share Our hearts about the importance of deliverance and separating ourselves FOR Christ, send us a message !

We love you all!

Will & Cate

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